Dear Readers: (ePortfolio Cover Letter)

Before I took this class, I never really had to revise any pieces of writing I produced. In high school, I kind of cruised through English classes without much effort and still got A’s. I hated writing back then, so I would procrastinate and write these papers at the last minute. Due to my procrastination, most of the time I had no time to edit or proofread my essays, and even if I ended up finishing earlier, I just put my work aside until the due date and maybe used online grammar and spell checkers right before I submitted my assignment. Another reason I never revised an essay was because my teachers never required us to edit or rewrite previously submitted work. No one ever taught me how to revise my essays so I did not really know how to revise an essay or see the point in revision.

However. throughout this class, my professor made us edit our essays multiple times. For each major writing assignment, he had us edit our essays using different strategies, such as reverse outlining, peer revision and coloring my essays. These different strategies made me see how important revision was because I learned different ways to compose an essay as well as receive feedback that was vital to my growth as a writer.

Through this process, I learned that my thoughts are quite scattered. Making outlines does not work well for me, but free writing and making bubble charts turned out to be more efficient ways of starting an essay for me. A lot of the time when I was writing for this class, I tried to use the traditional method of making an outline of an essay then writing based on my outline. However, I had a very difficult time coming up with introductions, making the hook, and forming my thoughts into an outline. I’d spend hours just staring at a blank page trying to come up with something and fit it into the outline. However, free writing and bubble charts came very easy to me. I’d write whatever I want without worrying about making sense or trying to establish the connections between my thoughts. Then, I was able to figure out how my thoughts were related and I’d have something to base my writing off of.

As for the design of my ePortfolio, I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I find it very distracting when there are pictures inserted in the middle of the writing. Also, I’d like my audiences to take my writings very seriously, and I thought avoiding the use of visual contents would be a good indicator to the audiences that I am not messing around with comedy in my writing and that the nature of my essays are more serious.

I chose to include the literacy narrative “English as My Second Language”in my ePortfolio over the problem essay because I think the literacy narrative represents who I am as a writer better than the problem essay. It gives the readers a better history about myself and hopefully will help them understand me better. Throughout the quarter, I kept editing this essay using different methods I was introduced to. Even though it might not seem like I made many changes to it, I spent a substantial amount of time editing this piece and I decided to keep most of what I had because in my head, everything I wrote in the paper is connected and everything was equally important to my process of becoming literate in English. Writing is still a weak subject for me, but I actually enjoyed composing this piece because it allowed me to see how far I have come in my life.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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